Hi, I am Jing Giorgious!

I’m from the busy and exciting world of Broadcast Media. I created this blog to unleash the other side of my personality which I just recently discovered. I’ve never imagined myself writing any article as part of my profession and blogging just came unexpectedly. It became a passion and I really enjoy it in every single way.


The Modern Woman Asia is a lifestyle blog of a modern woman with multi-dimensional interest in food, home, beauty, fashion, entertainment and more. Everything that’s worth sharing to each and every modern woman in this world…I’ll be there when it happens, where it happens!

On the other hand, I also created a separate blog about beauty! Of course, as a woman who wouldn’t love to know the latest trends about our favorite beauty essential brands. It also features places where us girls can get pampered and be more gorgeous! All of these, exclusively featured by The Beauty Journalist Ph!

I hope that everyone will enjoy reading all my posts 🙂

Looking forward to hear from all of you!

Be Gorgeous! 🙂