Absolute Pampering Session at Ahavia Lounge Spa

Hello, gorgeous readers!

Here’s another episode of my spa review! Let me take you to another pampering haven which I discovered recently along Quezon City (again)!

My body was craving for massage after almost two consecutive weeks of mounting simultaneous events for work. Luckily, I was invited by Ms. Caryl to visit and try their services at Ahavia Lounge Spa – Scout Torillo Branch.

The name AHAVIA came from the Hebrew word “loved by God”. Sounds interesting, right? Got more excited to know about the services they can offer! Guess what, I’m having not just one but four treats! Yay, spoiled much! Hahaha!

Let’s take a tour first on the interiors and ambiance of the spa!


Foots Spa at the 2nd Floor

VIP Room Caitlin

Couples Room

VIP Room Adolfo

Common Area Jacuzzi

Had Sauna Session as a starter for twenty minutes. The heat inside the steam room is just perfect to release tons stress I had from the previous weeks! I even made “muni-muni” inside due to some certain things happening on my life. Sometimes you really need that lone, quiet moment to know more about what really matters and figure out the best option in this life! Wow, ganung level ang emote ko habang nasa sauna na with matching extreme sweat! But honestly, it cleared my mind talaga. Okay, enough of that! Hahaha!

Next in line, the Organic Coffee Body Scrub! Coffee is usually known for its caffeine which is loaded with antioxidants, aids in fighting premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines. It can also help tighten the skin which can assist in reducing cellulite when applied. I had the 60 minutes body scrub and super love the smell of coffee on my skin!

After the body scrub, Whitening Foot Spa for about 30 minutes naman. Perfect for my tired feet!

Okay, here’s the finale session! Have you heard about the Slim & Trim Reviving Massage? This was the very first time to experience this kind of massage. Unlike ordinary massage like I used to have, this treatment involves rubbing and kneading the muscles with deep and intense strokes which helps trim down the excess cellulites. With the use of slimming oil, it can bring contour to problem areas and give firmness to the skin. At first medyo painful because of the “intense stokes” while rubbing the muscles especially on the thigh area. Felt the heat being released during the rubbing but it also has the soothing effect afterwards. The back massage was the best part! I love how the therapist managed to provide what my body needs! Thumbs up Ate Mirasol! You’re a Pro!

Slim & Trim Oil

A massage won’t be complete without a cup of  hot tea afterwards! I felt so beautifully recharged after the fabulous pampering session!

Guys, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Scout Torillo has wide variety of services to offer. Check out the lists below:


Body Scrub


Foot Spa

Special Packages


Indeed, the Ahavia experience is filled with love – love on their expertise and passion which guarantees excellent service with great value for money.

Visit them and check out their Facebook account for more information and upcoming promos!


Thank you so much Ahavia Lounge Spa – Scout Torillo!

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