An Affordable Luxury Experience at Nail It Vertis North

If I have to describe what kind of day I would love to indulge with on a regular basis…I only have one ultimate answer for that and for sure, my gorgeous modern readers would agree! Yes, it’s no other than enjoying a “me, myself and I” day! Raise your hands lovely girls, who doesn’t want to have pampering sessions every week or atleast twice a month? 🙂

Now, this is for you my gorgeous readers! I recently discovered another pampering hub located at the newest lifestyle mall in the metro, Ayala Vertis North.. I was one among the bloggers who got invited courtesy of The Momma Club during their branch blessing and Grand Launch.

The minimalist and modern look of this beauty hub welcomes everyone on a very positive vibes…That’s what I felt when I entered Nail It!

And guess what… there lies a cute story behind this pampering business… Ms. Jean Uvero, Nail It CEO together with her daughter always found themselves enjoy and spend time together on a nail salon. Then eventually pursued the concept of establishing a nail salon business in which they consider every client should be treated on a very high standards. Because, that’s what they always look for during those times that the business was not yet in the picture. It’s the service that brings back customers and the experience they enjoyed!

Ms. Lot Zerrudo – Nail It Vertis North Franchisee, Ms. Agatha Uvero, Ms. Jean Uvero – Nail It CEO, Ms. Myrna Dela Rama

Oh and here’s another great news! Nail It has ventured a partnership with T & J Salon!

Ms. Lot and Ms. Jean with Mr. Jay Domingo and Mr. Seven Lee of T & J Salon

I was not supposed to try their hand service on that day because I just had my nails done the night before… But I couldn’t resist to see my fellow bloggers busy and enjoying… And so, I also gave in! Hahaha!


I love that the tools were sterilized, and I’ve seen it sealed before we started the pampering sesh!

Photo courtesy of Tina Perez, Mrs.Wise

These hands got buffed, massaged and polished!


Got my nails done with Zoya Matte Red Polish

If you want to be treated like a Queen for a day, visit Nail It Vertis North and experience an excellent service!

Affordable luxury at its best!


The Modern Woman PH, Momma Jay of The Momma Club, Nail It’s Ms. Lot Zerrudo, Mrs.Wise

Congratulations Nail It Vertis North!

Thanks again Momma Jay of The Momma Club!

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