Burger King’s Perfect Match:Thick-Blend Milkshakes and Cheetos® 4-Cheese Crunch

Whenever we go out for family bonding, I would constantly hear from my kids the request to dine at Burger King. My son who’s thirteen years old, would always order the Whopper Meal together with the apple juice.

Now, I have another reason for them to love Burger King more than ever! Last week I was able to attend the product launch of their newest offerings – The Cheetos® 4-Cheese Crunch and Thick-Blend Shakes!


“Burger King is keen on implementing efforts to reinvent our products. One of the many ways is to add new variations to satisfy the cravings of our consumers,” said Jo Anne Tan, Marketing Head of Burger King Philippines.

The Cheetos® 4-Cheese Crunch is made with Cheetos® Cheddar Jalapeno and 100% beef patty bringing a cheesier, beefier, tastier, and hotter burger experience. Sharing the spotlight are its other ingredients, which include Mozzarella, Swiss cheese, American cheese, and Cheddar Cheese sauce.

That smile when you’re about to get a taste of the Cheetos® 4-Cheese Crunch


The Thick-Blend Shakes with varieties of creamy vanilla, rich chocolate and strawberry are really something that I look forward for my kids to enjoy! They are not the typical milkshakes which I have tasted from other brands! These are extremely exceptional because of the authentic taste and creaminess!

Rich Chocolate

Strawberry (this is my favorite!)

Creamy Vanilla

Never imagined that milkshakes will be perfectly combined with the Cheetos® 4-Cheese Crunch!


Head on to the nearest Burger King branch in town and experience this perfect combination!

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