Explore Affordable Pinoy Fusion at Emnace’s Grill

Hello modern readers!

I’ll take you to another food trip in a restaurant along Quezon City that offers a wide variety of Filipino dishes. Get ready to be hungry! 🙂

Emnace’s Grill is located along Congressional Avenue stretch and just recently celebrated its First Year Anniversary. Established in 2008 as a small takeout joint in Congressional Avenue that serves a few round-the-clock meals, pansit and, for what it became popularly known, pork barbecues. It offers a wide variety of Pinoy Fusion dishes particulary Ilocano, Kapampangan and Bicolano.




Checkout the fantastic dishes that was served during the festive celebration:

Inihaw na Pusit

Pork Sisig – Php 175


Lechon Kawali – Php 195

Laing – Php 135

Kare-Kare – Php 275

Hito with Talong & Buro – Php 135

Pinakbet – Php 185

Crispy Pata – 390

Of course, I won’t skip the chance to have a taste of what they became known for – Pork Barbecue!

These are indeed one of the best pork barbecue in town! I finished 2 and a half sticks! You’ll be surprised how affordable the price per stick!

Pork Barbecue – Php 25 (per stick)

The dining area of Emnace’s Grill is spacious enough to accommodate families and big groups.

There’s also a bar area where you can unwind, drink and listen to the band.

When there’s a bar, there’s also cocktails! Yay!

I got to try 3 cocktails but my most favorite is their signature Emnace Cocktail!

I love the Emnace Cocktail because of the right sweetness plus the alcohol content is not that high. 🙂

Oh, there’s also food overload at the bar that you can enjoy while chillin’ the night away! 🙂


What I love about Emnace’s Grill are the following:

Food – wide array of Pinoy dishes that definitely every family would love!

Affordability – the price of most of the dishes are very affordable!

Non-Smoking Area – this I always consider because no one in our family are smokers!

Parking Area – certainly not a problem, they have spacious parking lot! Yey!

Emnace’s Grill is a great place where you can bring the family! A nice venue for special occasions and celebrations with reasonable price and delicious food!

Thank you very much for inviting us! Cheers!

The Modern Woman PH with Dad in Digital

To know more about Emnace’s Grill, visit their Facebook Page. Thanks also to my co-MediaMomsPH, Tina Perez of Mrs.Wise for sharing these photos. 🙂


See you on my next food trip! 🙂


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