Moroccan Pampering Experience at Al Amirah Bath & Spa

Hi there my modern readers!

The past days have been so extremely tiring and my body is looking for relaxation… It’s been a while since I’ve indulged myself into a great pampering…

Now I’m missing an exceptional spa experience I’ve got last time… I’m sure you want to know which place I’m talking about…

Let’s get started…

In my continuous quest for relaxation back when I was still in the Philippines, I’ve got the chance to visit a very unique spa. Have you heard about a Moroccan kind of pampering? Sit back and relax, let me take you to a tour of my Moroccan escapade…

Al Amira Moroccan Bath & Spa is a new upscale destination in Metro Manila, offering an authentic Moroccan bath and spa experience from the stresses of urban living. It is an accessible oasis where you can relax, recharge and revitalize!

The Interiors

Just as I walked through the door, I can already feel the ambiance which is very different from other spa’s that I have visited.

The Signature Massage Experience

Now, I can’t wait to share this amazing experience! Oh, I was with the hubby during this visit and here’s what they had for us. For the hubby, the Al Amirah Signature Massage using coconut oil-infused in 24K Gold! Yes, you’re read it right! 24K Gold!!!


Can you see the Gold?

According to the hubby, it was a very soothing and relaxing experience which took away those stress pains in the entire area. I joked around also na “Pwede ka na isangla dahil may 24K Gold oil ka sa katawan!” Hahaha!

The Signature Massage Oils

Al Amirah only uses organic oil which won’t only relax but nourish the skin as well. They chose coconut oil, aside from the proven health benefits but also to help the local farmers in the country.

These coconut oil that they use comes in 3 different scents: The Signature Scent has Ylang-Ylang, Rose and Geranium Oil; Lavander with Argan Oil; and Peppermint with Moringa Oil. 

The Royal Moroccan Bath Experience

Now, here’s the most exciting part! I’ve got the Royal Moroccan Bath! Royal? Yes! You know that Cleopatra Era thing? You’ve got to continue reading what’s beyond this Royal Treatment!

The almost 2-hour ritual includes the following:

  • Hair & Body Wash using Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash
  • Authentic Moroccan Bath Soap made of Olive Oil imported from Middle East
  • 15 – 20 minutes steam
  • Full Body Scrubbing to eliminate dead skin
  • Complimentary dates and tea

Moroccan Bath Soap

The Moroccan Bath Soap made my skin smooth and soft after the wash.. Oh for the scrubbing part, you will really see the dead skin being removed from your body.. Of course, I didn’t took the photos of it, but It was really amazing! I had body scrubs before but this one is superb! You wouldn’t imagine how much dead skin you’ve been “treasuring” in your body! Hahaha!

After that Royal Moroccan Bath, I also had a relaxing massage using their Peppermint Scented Organic Oil. What more could I ask for on that night! It was really a superb treatment fit for royalties!

The Products

Aside from the pampering treatments, Al Amirah also offers products that you can purchase directly in their branch.

The Signature 24K Gold Elixir Oil

The Sugar Scrubs that comes in 3 varieties: Arabica Coffee, Rose Gold Macadamia and Turmeric 24K Gold

With all the massage spa’s in the Metro, I know Al Almirah Moroccan Morocca Bath & Spa will be able to penetrate the market because of the authenticity of their services plus the professionalism of their staff who were not just nice but have this concern for their clients. Kudos Ms. Jessica for coming up with this kind of business!

Thank you very much Ms. Jessica for this amazing and royal pampering treatment!

For couples who want something special since Heart’s Day is coming in the next days, check-out the Valentine’s Day Promo on their website and instagram.


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