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A modern woman is someone who’s always on the go! What more keeps her passionate about life are the success behind every challenges. Always striving towards victory and don’t settle for anything less.

Part of my lifestyle is being a career-woman. The profession I’m into which is TV Production requires a lot of activity and movement – from meetings, oculars, tapings, travel, etc. Aside from that, the most important of all is my role as a mom… There goes the never-ending errands at home for the family. Being a mom is a very tough job yet the most rewarding! With this kind of lifestyle, this modern mom and woman requires a reliable footwear that can meet the intensity of each activity but at the same time provide comfort when needed the most.



Recently I discovered about Regetta Canoe, a Japanese brand developed in Osaka. The brand revolves around it’s designer’s vision to modernize the traditional Japanese footwear and make walking as smooth and comfortable as possible. Together with Res|Toe|Run, Regetta Canoe FoodWalk was launched in Binondo last September 26.

Let me share some highlights of the event that took place!

I’ve been in Binondo for series of tapings before but haven’t really explored the place that well! Upon arrival at the meeting place, each of us got a pair of our chosen Regetta Canoe Sandals which we’ll be using the entire event. Here’s mine: Meshi design in blue..

Also, we were given a pedometer to keep track of our steps throughout the event. And there’s a surprise waiting at the end 🙂

Now, who’s ready to do the walking!

Part of the FoodWalk involved an inspired tour around historical sites in Binondo which included the Binondo Church, Basilica de San Lorenzo Ruiz, and Plaza Calderon dela Barca with Old Manila TourGuide, Ivan Dy.

We also got the chance to have a taste of some authentic Chinese dishes! Yummy!

Yummy dimsum at Dong Bei Dumpling

MediaMomsPH enjoyed fresh lumpia at New Po-Heng Lumpia House

Towards the end of the event, our final stop was the Res|Toe|Run branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall where they showcase more Regetta Canoe Sandals. That’s where also we got our reward for the pedometer challenge! Wooohooo!

Yay! I won 10,000 Regetta Canoe GC’s


During the entire event, I am very satisfied with my Regetta Canoe pair because I didn’t feel any discomfort. Usually, my feet easily gets tired and I can feel pain on my heel and toes especially if I walked for longer hours. But with this, there was never a pain, not even a slightest one! Thus, based from this experience, it only proves that it is indeed the brand you can rely on when it comes to the absolute comfort.


Oh, here’s another thing! After the event, I went straight to our taping and segment shoot for work. See, my Regetta Canoe Sandals kept me busy and active from morning until night without hassle!

The Modern Woman PH at work wearing #RegettaCanoe

Regetta Canoe is indeed a modern woman’s perfect choice!


Thank you so much Regetta Canoe for this awesome experience!

With Kim Ong of Primer Group

For more information, follow RegettaCanoe on Facebook and @regettacanoeph on Instagram or search for the following hashtags: #balancewalk #regettacanoeph








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3 thoughts on “Regetta Canoe Food Walk Event

  1. Hi ma’am i am a mother of 2 teenagers a girl and boy, 34 years old and teacher by profession. I am following MOM’s for a while po. Seen your posts and envy actually of those moms whose ideas are brilliant and does have businesses. I want it so badly or interested of the businesses you are into. I am from Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur. Can you help me please start a business?😘 Hope you could help.

    1. Hello Ma’am Mae, thank you for visiting my blog and following our group – Media Moms Ph. What I can advise is that if you want to have a business in particular, you need to find your passion and purpose. It feels great to receive this kind of message from one of our readers because of the fulfillment that comes within. We are very flattered that somehow we can touch someone’s life and be inspired. For sure you will be successful in whatever business you want to start with. Have a great day ahead! 🙂

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