SM City Baliwag’s Fun-Filled Food Fest Experience

I heart food! Actually, everything about food! No wonder I gained a lot of weight ever since I started blogging because I can’t say no to these foodie events!

And as part of another milestone in the blogging world, I got the chance to be invited to be part of SM City Baliwag’s Food Fest Event which was recently held over the weekend! I’m so excited because I’ll be meeting some of the expert food bloggers! Yaaaay!

An afternoon filled with fun, festivity and of course food happened during the Foodie Bloggers Meet-Up! What I look forward is the flat lay sesssions as I want to see these amazing food bloggers do the action! And get some friendly techniques as well since I’m not a full-pledged food blogger 🙂

Oh what also caught my attention was the art chalkboards designs which added festivity and colors to the event! Every angle was indeed instagrammable! By the way, this was done by lettersbyrio.

Take a look at these booth:

And now for the exciting part of the event: Flat Lay Sesh! Let’s do the work!



I’ll share some of the nice shots I had 🙂

It’s a Dunkin World! Guess who liked this photo 🙂


“Chow Fun”

“Blizzard Bliss”

“Mi Bear Amor “

Here’s a short clip on what we have featured!



Thank you SM City Baliwag for this opportunity! Had an awesome experience with these cool foodie bloggers!

And look at these happy faces!

MediaMomsPh Squad (Tina Perez, Megan Luna, Jing Giorgious)


SM City Baliwag


IG :








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