Symply G Keratin: For Absolutely Gorgeous Hair

As a modern and career-oriented woman like anybody else out there, I’m busy juggling work and parenthood. But one thing’s for sure, I cannot set aside womanhood. I want to make sure that everytime I step out of our home, I’m ready to face the world, well-groomed and beautiful. Lipstick – check! Face powder – check! Eyebrows – super check! Hair — hmmm, sometimes check, most of the time NOT!

I was born a curly-sue and I have to admit that when I was young and struggling to brush my hair, my ultimate dream is to have that long, straight and shiny hair like most of the girls on television.

So, when I reached the teenhood, my ultimate quest for that long, straight and shiny hair began. Oh, I remembered even buying a brand of hair straightening treatment and do the routine at home, in which I ended up having wounds on my scalp. So I opted for hair relaxing instead…

Fast-forward…Thank God for evolution of hair care treatments and hair rebonding was born! Hurray! But wait, I figured out that I also love to color my hair! And so, I do both of these twice a year for my hair.

Photo when I got my hair rebonded and colored

I noticed that my chemically-treated hair became dry and frizzy months after the treatment. And so, I would always have to go back to the salon for hair spa or purchase a DIY hair spa treatment. What about the cost for maintenance? Yes, a bit and indeed pricey! All for this crowning glory!

But here’s the good news! Nowadays, Keratin hair treatment is one among the best haircare at every salon in the metro. It’s meant to protect the hair, most especially those heavily chemically-treated ones, just like mine. And the best thing about the treatment? The more you do it, the better your hair condition becomes. Reality check: I cannot afford to do more!

A particular brand – Symply G Keratin was introduced to me recently. This brand has two powerful components – Keratin and Argan Oil! Keratin – the protein that protects the hair from damage and stress PLUS Argan Oil – contains Vitamins A and E that hydrates and soften hair.

Symply G Keratin

Let’s get to know more about Symply G:

Symply G Keratin Shampoo

Designed for cleaning rebonded and colored hair, giving its maximum moisture that makes your hair natural straight, soft and shiny.

Symply G Keratin Deep Conditioning Theraphy

Works to re-hydrate dry and damaged hair, specifically formulated for damaged hair and sensitive scalp.

Always remember, it takes two to tango! So for best result, you have to use them both! With Symply G’s power duo, no wonder it will be the absolute key towards having that gorgeous hair!

Surprisingly, the price is only Php 6 pesos! Wow!

A perfect salon haircare treatment at a very affordable cost! Who wouldn’t love that!

Now, every modern woman has no excuse for bad hair day! With Symply G, you can conquer the world just by being – Simply Gorgeous!

Jing Giorgious, The Modern Woman PH

Symply G Keratin can be purchased at leading supermarkets.



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