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Hello my Modern Readers!

It’s been a while since my last post due to a major transition happened in my life. Naks! That I’ll share on the other post.

Here’s a little trivia: Did you know that the very first article I posted on my blog is about a charm bracelet? Believe it or not, that charm bracelet post started soooooo many opportunities for me in this blogging world.

And so, here’s another lucky post for everyone in time for the new year! 🙂

I always love charm bracelets! There’s something about them that makes me feel happy and put me in the mood. I don’t know but there’s really something about my relationship with charm bracelets. So now, I decided to get to know more about them. I am very lucky to discover Bensani Charm Bracelet.

With soooo many sellers of charm bracelets, I know you will agree if I say that it’s very hard to find the authentic sellers whether the price is high or not. It’s not always that the seller would give time to explain thoroughly the benefits and origins of stones that fits your personality. Most of the time, I only ask – Hey, I was born on the year of the dog. What’s the perfect charm bracelet for me? Then they will just show me that these are perfect and that’s it!

Ms. Grace Bensani, the gorgeous woman behind Bensani Charms shares with me some insights about these charm bracelets.

Charm bracelets can be one of your allies in everyday life if you found the perfect stones based from your needs and personality. It’s not just the typical idea that gives you “luck” but there’s more beyond that.

At first, her interest was also just like me who wants to have one but eventually, she decided to take a deeper understanding with stones. As what she said, how can you explain to the customers if you don’t have an accurate understanding with the stones. On point indeed!

I visited their store at GreenHills Shopping Center and I think I just want to stay there all day exploring the entire charm bracelets.

Here are some of my favorites:

Here’s the good news, Bensani Charms can customize according to your needs and budget! All you have to do is to visit their store and look for Ms. Grace and she will be very glad to accommodate everyone…

So what are you waiting for, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it’s a must to have these charm bracelets!

I’ve got mine already during my travel! 🙂

Thank you @bensanicharms for these beautiful charm bracelets. 😘

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